Located in Chicago’s Logan Square neighborhood, on the beautiful Humboldt Boulevard, Parson’s Chicken & Fish enthusiastically celebrates and embraces drinking, eating, and general good times.

Another project from Land and Sea Dept., Parson’s Chicken & Fish affectionately references the chicken and fish eateries prevalent to the West Side of Chicago, and found in cities, coasts and regions across the country - the sorts of places that offer affordable eats quickly, and that satisfy big appetites. 

Working against larger culinary trends, we’re intent on demonstrating that drinking and eating can be done affordably and quickly, but also delectably, using judicious, locally sourced, quality ingredients. 

Which is to say, we’re looking to prove that good drinks and eats can be affordable, delicious, local and quick, when needed. Oh, and super fun, too!






2952 W. Armitage Ave.
Chicago, IL 60647



M-F 10am–2am
Sa 10am–3am
Su 10am–2am


Parson's Delivers

You heard us right, we now serve fresh food to your door. Check it out—



Beer + shot specials, plus classic hip hop playlist by Cadillac Duke every Monday night after 10pm.


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Our Crew

Hunter Moore, Executive Chef

“I have been interested in cooking since I was young. As my mother recalls, by three I would pull a chair over to the stove and stick my head in whatever pot was on, to see what was cooking. Food was very important in my household.  My father was in construction and my mother was a homemaker - we never had any money, but good food was always important to us. For most of my young life, my mom made dinner every night - solid food too…never boxed, canned, no artificial shit…real food.” Moore maintains that food is of central importance, and appreciates its ability not just to nourish, but to also bring us all together.

Moore got his first professional job at a cheeseburger joint in Florida at sixteen. He moved to Champaign-Urbana after high school, where – while working at mediocre Italian and Vegan spots – he began to think creatively about food. From there, he moved to Chicago to attend culinary school, and once out of school, Moore worked his way through some of the city’s best kitchens, deepening both his knowledge of and passion for the craft of food, as well as cooking and hospitality in general.

Hunter opened Parson’s Chicken & Fish in May of 2013, creating an evolving seasonal menu that has received much, much acclaim, overseeing a (small) kitchen that has been perpetually crushed since opening, all the while remaining one of the nicest (!) guys you’ll ever meet.

Charlie Schott, Bar Manager

Hailing from Indiana, Charlie Schott entered the workforce at the age of sixteen, working his way up the kitchen ranks, running his first kitchen at twenty-one. He moved to Chicago in 2002, and gamely spent time in every conceivable position in the industry in the years that followed, eventually gravitating to the bar, where he developed an enthusiasm for bartending (he’s one of the best!) and cocktail making.

Schott has been a critical component in the opening of Parson’s Chicken & Fish, helping to develop a beverage program that has received (seemingly endless) acclaim. He was named ‘Mixologist of the Year’ in 2013 by The Chicago Reader, and his ‘Original Negroni Slushy’ has – indisputably – become one of the most celebrated, enduring and inventive cocktails in recent memory, receiving national attention (an no shortage of copycats) – first from the likes of Bon Appetit, then a legion of others, and the cocktail will even be featured in the forthcoming ‘Negroni Book’, by Gary Regan. Schott’s ‘Michelada’ was named Chicago’s best by the Chicago Reader, he’s had recipes published in Imbibe, and has received the ‘Hottest Bars in Chicago’ nod on numerous occasions by Chicago Magazine, as recent as March of 2015 – two years after opening!

Additionally, Schott loves (loves!) his own ‘Purple Drink’ cocktail, is a pun enthusiast, and is great with babies - particularly when they are behind his bar.